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Hey all =)

2009-06-27 17:57:04 by VairiX3

Hi everyone, VairiX3 here. I'm 3 years experienced in animation in Flash and Photoshop. Also about 2 years in Voice Acting.^-^ I'm mostly a Frame-by-Frame animator, I rarely use motion tweening.
Hope I get to meet a lot of animators here and try to better my skills as well.=) If you'd like to ask me to help in collaborative projects or to be a voice actor for an animation of yours, I'd be more than happy to.

I'll be posting some animations soon!
Until then, later!

~Verna C.

Hey all =)


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2009-06-27 18:14:27

Welcome to the neighbourhood.

VairiX3 responds:



2009-06-28 21:44:09

HEy there.. thnx for the comment on my intro :).. anywayz it got blammed by all the other pros on here..lol. well am about 4 years experienced as well.. I also like usin' frame per frame animatin'.. and I do voice actin; as well :D,, I'll be postin' up some more of ma old stuff.. hope they don't get balmmed to XD.. i was kinna dissapointed..lol

(Updated ) VairiX3 responds:

Sorry to hear it got blammed =( It was a nice flash
Yeah I know how that is.x3 but where there's art, there's critisism, ya know?x3
I'm sure you'll get better. Practice make perfect, right?=]


2010-01-03 12:19:56

'Sup! Ya know (of corse you don't), I'm also a 'frame-by-frame' animator.
Depending on how your voice is, I could use it for my upcoming series 'Classic Legends'.
And I think I may be able to use your song in my series (has a nice touch for a battle).